Susan Sarandon Talks Horror And Her New Film 'The Calling' In Our Exclusive Interview (Video)

Susan Sarandon Looks Amazing. Fact.

They say that, until the age of 40 you get the face you're given, and after that you get the face you deserve.

Which means Susan Sarandon must deserve all the luck, because she's 68 years young, and looks as fresh, vital and serene as ever in our Exclusive Interview above.

Susan's latest role sees her take a change of direction - as a detective in creepy thriller 'The Calling'.

Susan, Oscar winner for 'Dead Man Walking' and regarded as one of Hollywood's most energetic, informed and savvy players, plays Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef - suffering with a bad back, dependent on tranquilisers and trying to lead a serene existence with her elderly mother (played by Ellen Burstyn).

WATCH Susan Sarandon discuss her latest role in our Exclusive Interview above.

All that changes when Hazel, out on a routine call, discovers the body of an elderly woman, whose murder is shocking in its brutality.

As Micallef and her investigative team learn of more victims in rural towns across the country, they realize they are tracking a serial killer driven by a higher calling. With the help of local priest Father Price (Donald Sutherland), Hazel must track down a religious madman they've come to know only as Simon.

'The Calling' is in UK cinemas now. Watch the trailer below...


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