Germany 1-1 Ireland: John O'Shea's Big-Game Goals (Video)

He's Done This Before: O'Shea's Big-Game Goals

Search "John O'Shea shot" on YouTube and the top results will bring up what is one of the most wayward attempts at goal recorded on film. O'Shea's effort doesn't end up nearer the corner flag, it ends up nearer the halfway line.

Despite that mishap, O'Shea has a knack for scoring crucial goals, as he demonstrated at world champions Germany on Tuesday night. His 94th minute equaliser for the Republic of Ireland was immediately compared to Robbie Keane's leveller against the same side at the 2002 World Cup, although that was one of the worst Germany sides in recent memory.

His third goal for Ireland in his 100th international, O'Shea will surely not score a more valuable one for his country.

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