16/10/2014 06:15 BST | Updated 17/10/2014 12:59 BST

600 Attend Brighton Sainsbury's 'Kiss In' To Show Solidarity With Lesbian Couple

More than 600 people attended a "kiss in" at a Sainsbury's in Brighton to protest at the store's treatment of a lesbian couple who were reportedly asked to leave after a customer complained.

Annabelle Paige, an English Literature student at Sussex University, was asked to stop being affectionate towards her girlfriend or leave the store, after a woman reported the "disgusting" kiss to a guard, saying she was "concerned" about her child's safety.

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The event, which took place on Wednesday evening, saw the Sainsbury's store flooded with locals.

Michael Segalov, students' union communications officer at Sussex University, said the night was an "incredible success".

"It was important to all of us that we turned an unpleasant and negative situation into something positive, and tonight we did that. A clear message has been sent to Sainsbury’s, and our community."

Segalov added: "We will not accept homophobia, and will take action when needed."

Sainsbury’s has apologised to Paige and offered to make a £100 donation to charity. However, Sussex's student union are calling for more action to be taken, saying the response was inadequate.