Forget The Mile-High Club, 10% Of Brits Have Had Sex At The Airport

Guess How Many People Have Had Sex At The Airport....

Couples are four times more likely to have sex on holiday than the rest of the year, but it seems some can't even wait until they've boarded the plane to get hot and steamy.

Yep, one in ten Brits have had sex at the airport, according to a recent survey.

Three-quarters (76%) chose the airport toilets as the location for their encounter, while 12% been caught in the act by a member of airport staff.

The most common reason for having pre-flight sex was feeling "in the holiday spirit" (32%), while 27% admitted airport sex had appeal because of the "thrill" of not knowing if you'll get caught.

Participants were also asked whether they'd had sex when on an aeroplane. But, disappointingly, only 4% had joined the scored on board. (See what we did there?)

After all, joining the mile-high club so 2013.

The survey was conducted by flight comparison website

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