Apple iMac With Retina Display Has Highest Resolution Display In The World

The New iMac Has More Pixels Than An IMAX

Apple has unveiled a new iMac with a staggering 27-inch 5K display, making it the highest-resolution display in the world.

The company showed off its latest screen innovation at special launch event in California.

While the iPad Air 2 led the focus of the presentation Apple's new iMac may just steal the show by combining Apple's new Mac OS X Yosemite operating system with the massive 5K display.


iPad Air 2 Hands-on preview:: "thinner, better, faster, familiar."

iPad Mini 3 Hands-on preview:: "more of the (brilliant) same."

First impressions, Huff Post Tech Editor Michael Rundle:

"The new iMac with Retina display is the most impressive computer I have ever laid eyes on. Literally. This thing has a display which at 16.7 million pixels, or 5120 x 2880 pixels, is comfortably the best on any desktop machine you might actually buy. It's so gorgeous, we pressed our SLR up to the glass on super macro, and it was still difficult to tell where the pixels were on the resultant image. I saw it editing raw 4K video live, with the 4K at 100% but still having enough screen space for a full Final Cut Pro workspace. Photos look amazing. Everything looks amazing. And yes, to repeat the oldest cliché in the 4K book for good measure, it's like looking through a window. To be picky, it's a shame that otherwise this looks like a normal iMac - there's no Mac Pro-scale redesign here, and no reinvention of the Mac beyond the screen tech. But as screens go this thing is something else. It's truly incredible. If that sounds gushing... just wait until you see it."


  • 27-inch 5K display
  • Intel i7 quad-core processor
  • 3.5 terraflops computing power
  • Mac OS X Yosemite
  • Thunderbolt 2


So just how much of a step up is the 5K Retina display? Well for starters this 27-inch display has a higher resolution that what you'd find in an IMAX cinema.

It contains 14.7 million pixels, which is just silly. To control all of those pixels the company has had to build a screen-specific processor from scratch in order to guarantee the required computing power needed just to control that number of pixels.

Apple summed up the display by describing how you can edit 4K video footage, pixel for pixel, and still have room left on the screen for editing tools and the dock.


To power the new iMac Apple has updated the innards so now it can feature a massive 4GHz i7 quad-core processor which combined with the new graphics chip gives up to 3.5 terraflops of power.


The iMac Retina Display is available today for £1,999 with delivery guaranteed for just 3-5 days, of course expect that to change drastically as demand increases.


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