Lisa Stansfield Gets Away With Wearing Naughty 'C****' Necklace On 'Good Morning Britain'

Lisa Stansfield Got Away With Wearing Something VERY Rude On 'GMB'

If, like us, it takes you a bit of time to wake up of a morning then you might not have noticed anything unusual about Lisa Stansfield's appearance on Thursday's 'Good Morning Britain'.


But the non-bleary-eyed among you might have picked up on the singer and actress's choice of accessory as she sat on the 'GMB' couch.

Hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd (or anyone else working on the show) failed to spot the 'All Around The World' singer's necklace, which featured a key and the word 'C****' stamped onto it.

We're not sure who it was aimed at or if it was just Lisa's state of mind at having to get up at the crack, but we're still impressed she managed to get away with it.

The 48-year-old was on the ITV breakfast show to chat about her new film, 'Northern Soul', which she stars in alongside 'Royle Family' star, Ricky Tomlinson.

And if you hadn't heard about the Brit movie before, well, you have now.

Mission accomplished.

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