The How-To Guide To Picking Out Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is approaching fast and it's time to get your costume together.

As the storm rages outside and the house begins to creak you jump as, at the strike of midnight, you hear a familiar 'bleep-bloop' coming from your bedside table. In the hope that this isn't another Candy Crush invitation you tap the little red symbol that's appeared on your phone and are surprised to see something equally scary:

"You're cordially invited to my spooktacular get together on the 31st. Costumes compulsory, heads are not."

Your hands begin to sweat as you cast your mind back to that awful bat costume you constructed last year from some bin bags and sticks from the garden. Just what will you wear this Halloween?

But there's no need to fear. If you're hopeless at costume making or just need some sensible advice on choosing one, take a look at these top tips:

1. It's freezing outside.

7 Things To Think About When Picking Your Halloween Costume

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