17/10/2014 10:14 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Boy, 8, Rivals Patrick Swayze With Dirty Dancing Routine (Video)


Charlie may only be eight years old, but his moves put many an older dancer to shame as he mimics Patrick Swayze's legendary moves in Dirty Dancing.

The talented youngster watches on TV as Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey get up close and personal to the familiar strains of 'Time of My Life' - and when Swayze launches into his famous, hip-swerving dance routine, Charlie mirrors him move for move.

While most boys his age tends to cling to the walls at a school disco, Charlie shows no hesitation when it comes to strutting his stuff

While Dirty Dancing's iconic Time of My Life scene is much imitated (usually by sozzled parents at a disco), we've rarely see them performed this well - and never by a dancer whose age is still in single digits!

You might be forgiven for assuming that young Charlie is a stage school kid backed by pushy parents, but you'd be wrong. Astonishingly, the primary school pupil has only ever had one dance lesson.

Mum Lainie explained to awed Facebook viewers that Charlie learnt to mimic the spectacular Dirty Dancing finale simply by watching it and dancing along.

"He has had one hip hop class years ago but that is it. He just loves to dance and watches music videos and movies over and over."

We predict these smooth moves are going to serve him very well once he gets into his teenage years!

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