Columbus Blue Jackets Ice Hockey Fan 'Dancing Kevin' Just Redefined How To Celebrate At A Sports Game

This Sports Fan's Epic Dance Wins The Internet Today, And Possibly Every Day

The Columbus Blue Jackets are an ice hockey team hailing from Ohio.

And they appear to have The Best Fan Ever.

His name is Kevin Schroeder (aka 'Dancing Kevin') and he looks - and acts - not unlike Jack Black. He's now a regular at Blue Jackets games - and this video of him busting his epic moves in the stands has, unsurprisingly, turned him into something of an international star.

Explaining how he gets the bottle to perform like this, Schroeder says in an interview with SB Nation: "First off, I'm totally terrified. Absolutely and totally terrified. I get up, I start swaying back and forth, and then I black out and just start flailing around. I don't really see anything, everything's blurry. I must hear the song, I guess, because I dance to it. But I don't comprehend it."

"I used to do a lot of nipple-rubbing, which I was told not to do anymore. Which, I completely understand. I think they're totally right," he adds. "But I have to make a conscious effort not to do that. That's about the only thing I'm thinking about."

Kevin, we salute you. While simultaneously pouring two cold beers all over you. And dancing behind you in a bear suit.


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