10 Surprising DIY Cures For Common Ailments Including Headaches And Cystitis

From headaches and heartburn, to toothache and tension, life is full of those everyday health niggles.

And despite the fact we have a better understanding of how to look after our health and wellbeing than ever before, many of these common ailments can be put down to our modern lifestyles.

Stooping over a desk for hours on end, staring at a glaring computer screen, grabbing lunch-on-the-go, eating out, drinking wine... modern life can be a real strain on our physical and mental health.

As a result, many of us will go nowhere without our trusty pack of painkillers - the panacea for all modern ills. But is popping pills really the best way to go?

"It can be all too tempting to reach for the medicine cabinet with all your aches and pains," says alternative health expert, Laura Knowles. "But there are lots of simple natural remedies and treatments you can try at home."

Unlike painkillers, these simple DIY health hacks are completely natural and won't cost you a penny.

What's more, Laura points out that the humble paracetamol could be doing us more harm than good in the long-term.

In light of a study in which NICE declared that painkillers could be the cause of some headaches, Laura states in a blog for HuffPost UK Lifestyle: "Painkillers can't be considered as a cure for headaches.

"They block the pain receptors that are giving the brain the message that there is a problem. Painkillers are not addressing the problem of where the headache is really coming from.

"This study highlights the importance of listening to the body to find the cause of symptoms, not just deal with the symptoms themselves."

For easy DIY health life hacks for common ailments, take a look below, but visit your GP if you're concerned.

Peppermint Headache Relief

10 DIY Cures For Common Ailments

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