Giant Butt Plug In Paris Is Supposed To Be A Christmas Tree But Clearly Isn't

This Is Paris's New Christmas Tree And It's Definitely Not A Giant Sex Toy

Don't snigger it's a Christmas tree. Seriously, it's by a renowned artist and it's called 'Tree'.

But yes, it totally looks like a butt plug.

The 24 foot, inflatable piece by Paul McCarthy has been installed in the Place Vendôme in Paris, usually more famous for it's stunning 18th century architecture.

Yeah that's not ambiguous at all...

Needless to say the reaction has been a little mixed.

The potential for perspective photos is staggering

Well by 'mixed' we mean no one believes it's a Christmas Tree.

Room for improvement?

Besty makes a valid point to be fair.

And in all fairness, on balance it's gone down pretty well.

For those wanting to indulge their sex-toy shaped fetishes further, visitors can also peruse a gallery filled with smaller versions of the 'Tree'.

Paul McCarthy has a history of fairly provocative artwork having previously displayed a pair of sculptures of George W Bush having sex and a Christmas dwarf holding a tree that looked like, yes you've guessed it, a butt plug.


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