The sapling oak was meant as a "reminder of the ties that bind us."
Trees are living books. Their life story is recorded in their rings, their shapes, and the marks they bear of events past. Ancient trees are often called 'living monuments', but whereas monuments are unchanging reminders of a person or event, trees bear testimony that life endures, come what may.
If we want the culture to change and the true value of trees to be recognised we need to speak up for the trees in our lives
Next time you have an encounter with a tree, or visit a wood, don't keep it to yourself. Trees can't blow their own trumpets, so we need to give them the credit they deserve when they improve our lives.
A police spokesman said: "Individuals have severed the cables that hold the sculpture in place, taking advantage of a momentary
And in all fairness, on balance it's gone down pretty well. Yeah that's not ambiguous at all... Needless to say the reaction
Four people, including one child, were taken to hospital after they were injured by an uprooted tree near a pub in Wigan
The flavour of Douglas fir combines well with chocolate and infused in cream, it makes delicious chocolate pots. For extra Christmas colour and texture add some pomegranate seeds.
Three boys were in hospital, two with serious head injuries, after a tree fell on them. The trio of nine-year-olds were waiting
Actress Diane Parish has experienced enough drama to last her a lifetime as her Eastenders alter-ego Denise Fox, but the
There are moments writing about politics when one thinks: could this actually get any sillier? Modern government is particularly
When was the last time you were angry? Really angry? As angry as a reporter on New Year's Eve - see below for details - or