'X Factor': Stephanie Nala Reveals She's Been Bombarded With Over 200 Vile Twitter Messages From Online Trolls

Stephanie Nala
Stephanie Nala
Neil P. Mockford via Getty Images

X Factor’ hopeful Stephanie Nala has revealed the extent of the violent threats she’s been receiving during her time on the show, including from former gang rivals.

The young singer claims that she has been bombarded with over 200 hateful messages over the past week, admitting that it put her in mind of problems she had with gangs earlier in her life, that had her scared to leave the school gates.

Stephanie Nala

“There were times when I had to leave school early because there were a load of girls waiting for me outside the gates. It got so bad that the police were called once.”

Although Stephanie insists that all of this happened “years ago” and is now behind her, she says that now she’s in the public eye the threats have started once again.

“One message, from someone who lives near me, said I was only on X Factor because of what I look like - and when I leave that can be changed.”

After telling producers about the violent Twitter messages she’s been receiving, the offending users have now been reported to the website, with Stephanie claiming she’s also been advised to report them to the police.

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