China Has Reportedly Hacked Every iPhone User In The Country


China has reportedly launched a massive hacking initiative specifically aimed at the near 100m iPhone and iCloud users within its own country, taking usernames and passwords.

According to censorship watch dog the 'malicious' attack on Apple involves a process called a 'man-in-the-middle' attack which tricks a users computer into thinking it's talking to a trusted site, in this case iCloud.

If this attack turns out to be genuine then it means the Chinese government will potentially have access to every iCloud account in its own country, giving it unrivaled access to people's messages, personal details and photos.

While there's no definitive proof that the attack was carried out by the Chinese government seems confident that only the Chinese government could be capable of something this size.

This is a massive attack that comes -- as Quartz points out -- just after the protests in Hong Kong and on the eve of the launch of the iPhone 6 in China.

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