Southampton Student Gets Her Head Stuck In Bottle Bin After 'Looking For More Alcohol'


A student was left rather red-faced after having to be rescued by firefighters when she got her head stuck in a bottle bank.

Southampton Solent student, who has been identified by various media reports as Chelsie Redwood, was "looking for more drink", according to her rescuers.

The student was left rather "embarrassed" after the incident

A spokesman from Hampshire Fire and Rescue told student paper the Soton Tab: "At 3.29am a female was released from a recycling bin using cutting equipment. A special equipment unit was called from Redbridge."

Crew manager Chris Rashleigh, who was present at the scene, added: "I think it was student night, I imagine she was looking for more drink.

"I think she had been there for a little while by the time we got there."

However the Telegraph reported a friend had bet the fashion student £10 and a Big Mac to stick her head in the hole.

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