Friends Extract Huge Moth From Man's Ear Using Tweezers (GRAPHIC IMAGE)

Video Of A Moth Stuck In A Man's Ear Gives Us The Heebie Jeebies

WARNING: Video includes graphic content and strong language.

Get ready to squirm, the above video (it kicks off at 3.30) shows what happened when a moth flew into a man's ear.

The man, referred to as Mikey in the YouTube clip, tells his friends he can feel the moth "running" in his head.

Panic ensues, with the Mikey's friends shrieking really helpful statements like "oh my god, I'm gonna throw up."

Things go from bad to worse when the group notice the moth isn't alone in Mickey's ear - there's a tick buried in his ear canal too.

The group of mates redeem themselves when someone finds a pair of tweezers. They all gather round a terrified Mickey and successfully extract the tick and the wriggling moth.

The moth in question turns out to be over an inch long.