School Cancels Christmas Party After Students Get So Drunk They End Up In Hospital

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A school has cancelled its Christmas party after its students got so drunk at a start of term party they ended up in hospital.

Hills Road Sixth Form, a prestigious college in Cambridge, was hosting a strictly no alcohol party at the local Cambridge Junction venue for its students to celebrate the beginning of the school year.

Two students were taken to A&E after being so inebriated they were refused entry to the venue. Another three were taken to hospital for vomiting while officers dealt with an alleged assault.

According to Cambridge News, reports also circulated of a group of boys played a game in which they challenged each other to "snog" the most girls and record each one with a notch on their arm.

A spokesperson for the college said: "The college has organised trouble-free student social events at Cambridge Junction for many years, each year for 600-800 students. There has always been strong, effective partnership between college staff and staff at Cambridge Junction.

"It is a no alcohol event – none served during the event and students instructed not to drink before the event or to bring alcohol to the event. This year a small minority of students nevertheless had consumed alcohol before the event.

"Two students who had clearly been drinking before the event were refused entry, were looked after by staff until parents arrived and then taken to A&E, accompanied by their parents.

"Student Winter event at Cambridge Junction has been cancelled. No student has been reported for engaging in a ‘Facebook snogging issue’ at the event."