How To Cure A Hangover In The Weirdest Ways Possible (Not For The Faint Hearted)

Picture this: you've woken up after a heavy night out, and your mate walks in with what they hail as a 'miracle' hangover cure.

You take the plate they're offering you and on it sits a cow's stomach with a side serving of egg yolk and lemon juice.

In some countries - we're looking at you, Turkey - this specialist dish is a hangover delicacy.

Unfortunately, this isn't where the weirdness ends. Oh no, we have four more of these for you to enjoy:

1) Exercise (and general sweatiness)

In Finland they are particularly fond of hitting the gym or sauna after a heavy night out to sweat the toxins from their system.

Consisting of pickled herrings, raw onion and gherkin. Yummy. Those Germans sure know how to make a full recovery.

3) Prairie Oyster

A delicious (read: diabolical) cocktail consisting of egg yolk, worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, salt and pepper. Popular in the USA, apparently.

4) Buffalo's milk (aka more alcohol)

This isn't the milk of the beloved Buffalo, this is in fact another alcoholic beverage consisting of cream or clotted cream, two types of rum and crème liqueur. Hair of the dog and all that.

We'll stick to a glass of water and paracetamol, thanks.