The Key To A Happy Marriage Revealed (And It Has Nothing To Do With Sex)

When married couples were asked what advice they would give to newlyweds, we half expected them to cynically say "enjoy the honeymoon sex while it lasts."

But it turns out most couples do not think getting hot and steamy in the bedroom is the key to a happy marriage. Instead, they rate honest conversation above all else.

A study of 2,000 men and women who have been married for 10 years or more revealed the most common advice they'd give newlyweds is to talk to each other.

Only 1% of those surveyed said a good sex life was important in a successful marriage, leaving hanky panky way down in 18th place.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, "keep going", "work at it" and "don’t give up on the marriage too easily" were all in the top five choices, showing marriage isn't a walk in the park for many.

At number 13 was the cutting "don't get married" - ouch.

Sarah Thompson, a lawyer for Slater & Gordon who commissioned the study, told the MailOnline: "What's clear from my work as a family lawyer is that marriage can be hard work.

"Sadly, despite the best intentions in the world, not every marriage will last forever.

"As this research has shown, communication and compromise can be the key to a happy marriage, but they are also the attributes that can help resolve a relationship that is over in the best possible way for all parties involved."

Top tips for a happy marriage:

1. Talk

2. Compromise

3. Keep going

4. Work at it

5. Don’t give up on the marriage too easily

6. Don’t go to bed on an argument

7. Be patient

8. Listen

9. Be honest

10. Have respect

11. Be tolerant

12. Have realistic expectations

13. Don’t get married

14. Do things together

15. Communicate

16. Be tolerant

17. Be faithful

18. Have a good sex life

19. Be friends

20. Give each other space

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