Dark Matter Exists And It's Coming From, The Sun

If last week's halloween stunt from the Sun didn't convince you that the Sun is inherently evil than perhaps this will.

Astronomers from the University of Leicester have found what they believe to be one of the sources of dark matter in the universe and, well, there's no way to get around this: it's our Sun.

The astronomers analysed over 12 years of telescope data from the European Space Agency observatory and found X-ray emissions from the Sun that -- when colliding with the Earth -- matched the reactions they'd expect from a hypothetical dark matter particle, the Axion.

In a 67-page paper the astronomers suggest that these axions are very light, uncharged particles that would emanate from the Sun's core, barely reacting with ordinary matter -- partly explaining why they're so difficult to detect.

It's worth noting that this is just data from one telescope, the astronomers now plan to look at data from NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory but this will take years of further analysis so don't hold your breath.

That doesn't mean we should dampen the significance of this discovery, if proven to be true it'll be a huge breakthrough in our understanding of a particle that until recently has truly lived up to its name.