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It could have reversed the referendum result, apparently.
Britain may have voted to remain in the EU if an extra three percent of its population were in or had been to university
If there’s one thing that we love doing, it’s depicting the end of our own species through the form of some terrifying zombie
Researchers have known for some time that there is relationship between height and coronary heart disease risk. However this is the first piece of science to establish that this genetic link exists regardless of influences from other socioeconomic or environmental factors.
15th century re-enactors were among those attending Sunday's ceremonies that mark the beginning of a series of events before
If last week's halloween stunt from the Sun didn't convince you that the Sun is inherently evil than perhaps this will. Astronomers
Sam argues that the only way domestic violence can be stamped out is by teaching children about respect from an early age
Britain might be about to send its own robot to Mars. And while it might not be quite as impressive as Nasa's Curiosity - it
Britain’s last Plantagenet King is to be buried in Leicester under a raised tomb carved from Yorkshire limestone, it has