A Man Can Get Physically Stuck Inside A Woman During Sex, Doctors Confirm

Last week an Italian couple needed medical attention after they became physically stuck together while having sex in the Mediterranean Sea.

Literally, their genitals were inseparable.

Although this may sound like a far-fetched tale, doctors have confirmed that a man really can get stuck inside a woman during sex. The medical term for this interlocking is 'penis capitus'.

Dr. Yvonne Fulbright said the sticky situation is caused by vaginal spasm.

Although there are few reported cases of humans becoming physically attached during sex, it's quite common for dogs to become inseparably locked.

“While largely hearsay, and chalked up mostly as mythical, an article published in a 1979 issue of the British Medical Journal claims that penis captivus has occurred very rarely to humans throughout history," Dr Fulbright told MTV News.

“Should you ever find this actually happening, then both you and your lover need to relax and take the focus off of intercourse and anything sexy. This allows blood to leave the penis, so that he can withdraw more easily. And her pelvic floor muscles will also relax, as not to clench the shaft.”

Speaking to i100, a representative from Brook said: "From what we gather it is exceptionally rare, but it can happen (but not necessarily because of water or ‘suction’ though), and is something that occurs more frequently in animals than humans.

"Research suggests that, for most couples, if this happened it would last a matter of seconds, so it would be incredibly rare for a couple to require medical help.”

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