Sexegenarian Tantric Sex Expert Stella Ralfini Dispenses Sex Advice For 20-Somethings

But now, the sexegenarian sex therapist is using her expert knowledge between the sheets to give tips to frustrated twenty-somethings.

Since becoming a Tantric sex expert in the 1980s, the mum-of-one, from London, has proved a huge hit with her clients.

But it’s not just jaded middle-aged couples looking for her help to spice things up. In fact, she's actually more popular with lovelorn under-25s.

Yoga instructor Stella claims online dating and ‘lads mags’ have bred a generation looking for ‘fast-food’ romance.

Now she is urging the younger generation, especially men, to read the Kama Sutra for sex inspiration - rather than Zoo magazine.

Stella said: "A lot of my clients are young people and students looking to learn about lovemaking and relationships, or they are looking for a way to keep their relationship going.

"My clients range from early 20s to mid 60s. But it is the young ones who are often the most lost when it comes to love and they're are coming to see me in their droves.

"Today's 20-somethings are running around on internet sites like Tinder and Grinder, sites geared up around the hunt for sex and are surprised when they fail to fall in love.

“I am simply teaching a way of connecting with people.”

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20 Tips To Make Sex Great

She has travelled the world, including to Greece and India, picking up sex tips to share with her devoted clients.

Wishing to share her wisdom and improve the sexual relationships of young people, Stella said relationships should be stripped back to traditional courtship.

She said: "Young people today have a very fast food approach to love making, sex becomes like the rest of their lives busy, quick and when they can fit it in.

"Tantric love making doesn't have to be penetrative sex it can be about touch, eye contact, the exchange of saliva - we are about cuddling.

"Young boys and girls are exposed to so much sexual content, we need to do away with the lessons of pornography and stop young people learning bad sexual behaviours.

"They learn a horrible sense of urgency and a selfishness which means the act falls flat. In the home young people should be exposed to a copy of the Kama Sutra instead of the easy access to lads mags."

Comparing her Tantric lovemaking skills with the "unconscious love and blind passion" which characterise everyday sex today, Stella admitted unfortunately her pool of potential suitors is limited.

She added: "Over the years I've taught hundreds of workshops, helping hundreds of people improve their sex lives, including some lessons over the internet, but sadly not all men are interested in me, because not a lot of men want to follow the Tantric path.

"We're all different, but I've never wanted to be with the same person all my life.

"I have relationships and they last sometimes four years, sometimes five, sometimes less but I have a positive experience and we stay on good terms because of the trust learnt through the Tantric mantra.

"A lot of relationships today are unconscious, fast blind passion which is limited and makes lovers insecure. It is difficult to find partners who are willing to have a deep or sensual connection of the heart not mind.

"I was with my most recent partner for three years, he was 73, however I needed a more vigorous lover and partner so we've remained great friends and I'm debating which of the men presently interested in me would most easily convert to practice Tantric."

Stella first trained as a Tantric workshop teacher at the Multi university in Puna, India, and later furthered her studies at a Tantric school in Mumbai.

As well as spiritual training, she has completed accredited courses in psychology, psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis at the International College of Natural Health Studies in London.

For the last 30 years the sex therapist has been teaching seminars and workshops in forms of Tantra and yoga, and in 1989 opened a Tantra seminar centre in Athens – the first of its kind.

Ever since Miss Ralfini has practiced as a tantric guide and practitioner, running couples workshops and sessions across Europe.

She has also written two books 'Three Faces of Sex' and 'Sex As The New Religion' - both of which offer insight into the art of Tantra.

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