24/10/2014 12:40 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Baby Gets A Bit Over-Excited About His First Birthday Cake... (Video)


When a one-year-old meets a birthday cake, things are pretty much guaranteed to get messy. But rarely is it done in such exquisite style as this.

The scene is baby Bauer's first birthday. Friends and relations gather round to see the birthday boy receive a beautiful green and white cake, unaware that it is about to be demolished specularly.

"My son's first birthday was December 7, 2013 with family and friends at my in-law's house," mum Darcy explains on the accompanying caption to this wonderful video. "He had never tasted cake."

Indeed, at first Bauer seems unsure of what to make of the elegantly-made chocolate cake, complete with rosette piping. He grabs at it like a typical one-year-old, prompting a chorus of amused groans from his family as the tasteful decoration is crushed under baby fists.

But when his mum feeds him a little of the cake, he finally seems to catch on.

From the moment Bauer grins at his first taste of cake, you know exactly what's going to happen. Almost in slow-motion, the little boy leans forward, forward, forward...and then splat, face-first into the cake.

He's not fazed, though, either by being smothered in sponge cake or by his family's hoots of laughter, attempting to wolf down as much as he can.

When he finally surfaces, it's with a generous amount of green icing covering his face.

The beautiful cake might have been ruined, but at least mum and dad can take heart from the fact that Bauer gave it a firm seal of approval!