All The Instagram Photos Ever Stacked In One Clever Animation

What If You Printed All The Instagram Photos Ever Taken?

How many Instagram photos do you think there are? More importantly, how many Instagram photos of food do you think there are?

Well the fact is it's impossible to give one single number because just in the time its taken you to read this far there will have been thousands added.

To try and make sense of this confusing and constantly growing outlet,photoworld has created a spectacular animation which shows the height of all the Instagram photos -- within a certain time -- printed off and stacked.

For example, in just 37 minutes there stack of printed Instagram photos would reach the Empire State Building. In 12 hours that stack will have grown to the height of Mount Everest.

Check out the full animation here and prepare to be either amazed or severely depressed at the state of food photograpghy.

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