What do you do if a slight majority of your compatriots at home decide to throw your future into uncertainty and make you and your family feel less secure living abroad? You'd probably take matters into your own hands by double-voting Brexit and adopting a foreign EU nationality in time.
Peak MWC? Not on your nelly. See you in Barcelona next year.
Find out what triggers us to stop exercising as we get older
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Huffington Post UK and Voltarol have teamed up to get people moving again. Many of us, whether we're worried about getting
Chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday are as egg-spected as rain over the entire four-day weekend. And whether you’re egg-cited
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If you've recently woken up in a cold sweat because you dreamt your teeth fell out then you're definitely not alone. From
Thursday saw yet another mass shooting bring death, carnage and frustrated misery to the US as nine people were killed by
Ever wondered how the USS Enterprise from 'Star Trek TNG' would fare against The Ark from 'Transformers'? Or how the 'Back
A chilling infographic lays out the awesome power of nuclear weaponry development, as the Japanese city of Hiroshima commemorates
Nothing puts a smile on our faces quite like wine o'clock on a Friday evening. Although that smile quickly fades when Monday