Nevada School Lets Students Pose With Guns In Yearbook Photos

Well That's One Way Of Making Your Mark

A school in Nevada is allowing its students to pose with guns and hunting weapons in their yearbooks - as long as its in good taste.

The Broken Bow School board voted unanimously to allow senior graduates to use their rifles, handguns and bows as props.

Superintendent Mark Sievering told KWCH12: "We decided that we didn't want to have any offensive depictions of firearms but, as we talked about it and the board talked about it, we could tell that there was a sense that to allow a student to have a firearm, as long as it was done in a tasteful manner in terms of a hunting or sporting type picture that that might be okay."

School board member Matthew Haumont, a Nebraska hunter education instructor, explained shooting is a part of the town culture, and there are a number of local kids who shoot competitively, according to Omaha news.

Amanda Gailey, director of Nebraskans Against Gun Violence, added as long as the photographs are being taken off campus and the photo sessions are supervised, it’s not a big concern for the group.

Photographer Brian Baer told BuzzFeed: "Football players bring footballs, softball players bring bats, dancers bring tutus, and hunters bring guns.

"Students who bring firearms into our studio always have the highest level of respect and safety for their weapon,” Baer said.

"Hunting is just part of our community. Hunting is generally a family activity."

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