Tulisa Previews Sexy Music Video For New Single 'Living Without You' In Black Swimsuit (PICS)

It’s full steam ahead for the Tulisa comeback - the singer has unveiled stills from her upcoming music video and she is looking on fine form.

Last week, the former N-Dubz star debuted her new single, ‘Living Without You’, which received a surprisingly warm reception online, and it looks like the accompanying video is going to be just as popular.

Tulisa, apparently getting some physio on the set of her new video

Tulisa is seen soaking up some sun in the new pictures, wearing some hee-owge designer sunglasses and a floppy hat.

However, in lieu of a sunlounger she opted to take a little rest by sitting on a man, which looks decidedly less comfortable, but at least it makes for a better photograph.

Make yourself at home, Tulisa

She’s also seen seductively slurping on a faux-McDonald’s Moschino cup, which may look glamorous, but that’s because they’ve hidden the Moschino fillet o fish and McFlurry out of shot.

While we’re always happy to see uber-glam photographs of a pop star looking flawless, we must admit we’re struggling a little to see exactly how these images relate to the message of ‘Live Without You’, which sees Ms Contostavlos showing off her vulnerable side while singing about a lost love.


Unless what she doesn’t mention in the song is that the reason her man left her was because she kept using him as a sofa.

‘Living Without You’, released on 7 December, will act as Tulisa’s first single since ‘Live It Up’ reached the UK top 20 in 2012.

More recently, she’s been more known for her tumultuous personal life than her music, after becoming embroiled in a highly-publicised drugs trial which was later thrown out of court due to “serious misconduct” on the part of a key witness for the prosecution.

T4 on the beach - Weston-Super-Mare

Tulisa through the years

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