Alesha Dixon Shares Rare Photo Of Baby Daughter Azura Sienna

Family love in Paris X

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Alesha, 36, has endeavoured to keep Azura out of the public eye since giving birth last October.

She only revealed her daughter for the first time in March on an advert for Britain's Got Talent.

In her big debut, Azura looked at her mum with joy as she giggled in her bouncer.

Azura, who now sports a cool Mohican hairstyle, is Alesha's first child with dancer boyfriend Azuka Ononye.

Earlier this year, Alesha spoke about how much hard work motherhood was – and said that working on Britain's Got Talentfelt like a holiday compared with looking after Azura.

She said: "It makes me laugh when people say, 'Ah, you get a bit of time off at home now.

"I think, 'No I don't!' Going to work actually feels like time off."

She said she juggled motherhood with her career by taking her daughter along to the BGT auditions in January when Azura was just three months old.

And instead of hiring a nanny, dad Azuka, and Alesha's mum, Beverly - who she called 'super-nanny' - helped look after Azura while Alesha was on camera.

She told the Express: "It was still tough but I was glad I could do it. For me, it's important to work and continue to be the person I am. I love doing both.

"Becoming a mum is hard and it's bonkers but you learn so much. It opens up your heart a lot more but I still have fire in my belly!"

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