Science For Kids: How To Make Balloon Car Racers

See who can make the fastest balloon powered car in this fun science project for kids.

Watch the video above to see how you can make a balloon powered vehicle using just some cardboard, straws, balloons, bottle tops, kebab skewers and masking tape.

Dad-of-two Mark Brandon talks you through the simple step-by-step tutorial before racing two balloon powered cars made by his daughters.

"Making racing balloon cars is a great way to get children thinking like scientists and engineers," says Mark. "Handling the different bits and pieces needed to make the cars gives children the opportunity to think about the properties of different materials.

"And trying to make the cars go faster or further challenges them to solve problems and think about how changing one thing affects another."

The car is pushed forwards by the force of the air coming backwards out of the balloon. This is an example of a physics principle known as Newton's Third Law, which says that if one object exerts a force on a second object, then the second object exerts the same size and kind of force on the first object, but in the opposite direction.

Experiment with different designs to see what affects the speed of your balloon racer, and what affects the distance it travels.

Download a helpful balloon car racers fact sheet here.

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