The 'Sexy Burka' Song From 'The Infidel' Musical May Change The Way You Think About Women Wearing The Traditional Muslim Dress

The 'Sexy Burka' Song May Change The Way You Look At Women In Burkas

'The Infidel - The Musical' is the stage (and, yes, musical) version of the film starring Omid Djalili, about a British Muslim who discovers he's actually Jewish.

Written by David Baddiel, with music by Erran Baron Cohen (Sacha's older brother), it's currently playing at the Theatre Royal Stratford East in London.

And here's one of the numbers from it, the really rather marvellous 'Sexy Burka' song - which contains such gems as 'You can wear it with a necklace/You can wear it with a hat/Ignore the possibility that you look like a bat' and the exchange 'I prefer a little black dress'/'What you need is a big black tent'.

Wonderful stuff.


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