This Website Shows You How You'd Look As An Alcoholic

A California-based company called Rehabs has unveiled an online app which will reportedly show you how your face looks after a lifetime of alcohol excess.

The app, called 'Your face as an alcoholic', taps into your computers webcam to take a still image of your face, you then simply adjust the guidelines to match up with your own facial structure and there you have it.

It'll show you a range of points throughout your life emphasising the increasing damage it does to skin colour and health.

Speaking to MailOnline a spokesperson confirmed the company's reasons for creating the app saying, 'The purpose of the program is to create a shock factor for users, preying on the vanity, in hopes that the very ugly future of their actions will incite behavioural change.'

Rehab's own app isn't the first to alter your face and it certainly won't be the last as it capitalises on a human fascination to adjust our own image.

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