Snake Bite Causes Girl's Leg To Turn Black And Shrivel Up From Necrosis (GRAPHIC PICTURE)

A 13-year-old girl has apparently been left with a horrifically blackened and shrivelled leg after a snake bite caused her muscle cells to wither and die.

The unidentified Venezuelan teen was originally treated by traditional remedies until she was finally brought to a clinic in the capital a month later, according to reports.

By this time she had developed a severe case of necrosis which in turn has led to a condition called rhabdomyolysis which can cause muscle tissue throughout the body to die.

Dr Arun Ghosh, a GP from Liverpool, told the Daily Mail she will definitely need to have the leg amputated and could still possibly die from the snake bite.

He added: "The whole lower leg is black, it’s spreading up. Looking at the rest of her body she’s showing signs of muscle wastage from the poison. Her other leg is thin.

"It's likely she will still die."

Cases of necrosis caused from bites appear a lot closer to home too.

Last month we reported on a woman from County Durham whose finger was amputated after being bitten by a spider.