Willow The Adorable Toddler Has The Best Selection Of Halloween Costumes Ever (No Really)

Meet Willow, she's two-years-old and has a better wardrobe than we'll ever have. If she wasn't so cute we'd be envious.

Last October, Willow's mum decided to launch "Dress Up Willow Month". Like any mum with a penchant for dressing her kid up in cute clothes, Gina Lee wanted to share her daughter's fantastic array of costumes (and not to mention, incredibly photogenic face) with the rest of the world.

So, putting her photography skills to work, Gina snapped her baby daughter wearing all kinds of halloween-appropriate outfits - hot dog on a stick, anyone?

A year on and October 2014 has been once again declared as "Dress Up Willow Month". But this time, the toddler's costumes have really come into their own. Be prepared to squee...

This is Willow, the girl with some of the most precious Halloween costumes we've ever seen. (2014)

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