Google Wants To Fill Your Body With Tiny Magnets To Search For Diseases

Google has revealed the latest project from its ultra-secretive Google X team: Tthey're going to hunt cancer using tiny magnets.

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, Andrew Conrad the head of the division's life sciences team explained how the team were researching how nanotechnology could help detect diseases quicker if they turned them into tiny magnets.

The plan is to create a pill which you would swallow, inside it would be tiny magnetic nanoparticles that would then seek out and bind to cancerous cells. A wearable magnetic device would then track these particles.

While this may sound beyond the realms of plausibility the team are confident that they'll have working nanoparticles in just five years time.

With over 100 Googlers working on the project Conrad confirmed at WSJD Live that the team were all committed to a single goal.

"Fundamentally, our foe is death. Our foe is unnecessary death. Because we have the technology to intervene, and we should expend more energy and effort on it."

While the company is confident that the technology is feasible they'll also have to go through strict FDA approval before you can even hope to see these pills being used in hospitals.