Tulisa's 'Living Without You' Video: 7 Questions We Need Answered About The Former 'X Factor' Star's Comeback Clip (WATCH)

Tulisa's video for her new single 'Living Without You' really is a sight to behold, but after three viewings we still don't have a clue if it's all just a big old tongue-in-cheek piss take or if she really does want us to take it (and her) seriously.

Two things we are sure about is that (a) Tulisa has been down the gym (there's a LOT of flesh) and (b) she has a new pair of lips that Pete Burns would be proud of (there's a LOT of lip).

But aside from that we have SO many questions about the clip (well, 7 to be precise) that we demand answers for.

Tulisa 'Living For Your Loving' Video

In summary, we think Tulisa asked for a 'Gaga video treatment' but ended up with a Geri Halliwell cast-off, but we'll let you watch the whole thing yourselves (above) and you can make up your own minds.

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