Someone Is Flying Drones Over France's Nuclear Power Stations

Mystery Drones Are Flying Over French Power Stations

The French government is investigating a series of unauthorised drone flights over seven of its nuclear power stations.

In the space of two weeks, UAVs of various sizes flew over the nuclear power plants during the early hours of the morning and through the late evening.

It's believed that the drones used are all commercially available and can be flown with little to no training.

French law prohibits the flying of any aircraft -- be it manned or unmanned -- over nuclear power plants or any research centre that specialises in nuclear energy.

What's puzzling the French government however is the sheer scale of these intrusions. The flyovers took place hundreds of miles apart from each other but all followed the same pattern.

Le Monde reports that initially, blame was pointed at Greenpeace who have a longstanding feud with EDF energy, the power company which manages these plants.

Greenpeace has since denied responsibility for the activity claiming that it would be too big a logistical task even for them.

EDF Energy has since released a statement saying that it doesn't believe the drones presented any immediate danger to the plants and there are no implications that it would cause any further damage to security.

The French government on the other hand is taking a far sterner approach to the activity saying that it will "find out what these drones are and neutralize them."

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