Nuclear Power

Millions of households could face power cuts this winter because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ministers have been warned.
Boris Johnson said it will provide "clean, affordable, secure power" for generations to come.
The business secretary said the plan was "more of a medium term answer" to the cost of living crisis.
But against war in Ukraine and soaring bills, little enthusiasm for expansion of onshore wind power despite being one of the cheapest forms of electricity.
The prime minister is calling for an emergency UN Security Council meeting to discuss the crisis.
Reactors at the Zaporizhzhia station were being “safely shut down”.
Prime minister outlines ten-point plan to tackle climate change ahead of UK hosting COP26 summit in 2021.
From not knowing the UK was a nuclear power to an obsession with a signed copy of an Elton John CD, these are John Bolton's claims about the US president.
Russia showcased the world's first floating nuclear power plant Akademik Lomonosov to the media. The plant is designed to provide electricity to areas disconnected from the grid.
The Kremlin won’t say much about a blast at a secretive Russian nuclear reactor.