Google Fined £1,250 For Exposing Woman's Breasts On Street View

Google has been fined $2,250 in Canada for accidentally uploading a picture of a woman's breasts onto Street View.

The woman from Montreal was pictured by the service's omnipresent Street VIew cameras sitting outside her house, with part of her breast exposed.

The search and mapping giant was found to have caused the woman emotional shock and embarrassment.

In a 17-page decision, the judge said that she deserved compensation. It was found that while the woman's face was blurred, it was possible to identify her from other information in the pictures.

The woman originally demanded up to $45,000 for emotional damage, but Google argued that the emotional troubles were not connected to the picture.

The judge partially agreed but said that the picture had still invaded the woman's privacy and ordered it to pay $2,250 Canadian plus $159 costs.

The pictures can be seen at the Journal de Montreal website.

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