03/11/2014 06:23 GMT | Updated 03/11/2014 06:59 GMT

Amazon Publishes Diversity Report, Wishes it Hadn't

Amazon's newly released diversity report has shown that the E Commerce company is mostly white, and mostly male.

According to the full report, Amazon's global workforce is 63 per cent male and 37 per cent female, while the global division of managers is 75 per cent male and just 25 per cent female.

To make matters worse the company's ethnic diversity has also been highlighted, showing that in the US, Amazon is 60 per cent white, while its US managers are 71 per cent white.

amazon diversity figures

This, combined with the unfortunately titled website 'Diversity at Amazon', has prompted gender equality websites and civil rights to speak out against the company.

In a statement to the New York Times, civil rights organisation the Rainbow Push coalition said,

“Their general work force data released by Amazon seems intentionally deceptive, as the company did not include the race or gender breakout of their technical work force,”

“The broad assumption is that a high percentage of their black and Latino employees work in their warehouses.”

Amazon's figures have come under criticism because the don't show the breakdown of those working in the company's many warehouses, failing to differentiate between its different divisions.