Civil Rights

Inspirational messages and thoughts from leaders including Martin Luther King Jr., John Lewis and other trailblazers.
Iran's "Woman! Life! Freedom!" protests continue despite crackdowns, but the movement's future is unclear.
Anti-racism protesters have been ‘taking a knee’ in demonstrations across the world following the death of George Floyd. Foreign secretary Dominic Raab wrongly suggested in an interview that the act originated from the HBO television drama Game Of Thrones. So where does taking a knee come from?
"Once they take away the rights of one group, the rest of us are not going to be safe,” said one Iranian American detained for over 11 hours at the U.S. border.
Legal documents reveal the same officer also threatened another man with arrest unless he put his head down a toilet.
Dozens of companies have co-signed a "#Businesses4Equality" letter.
Giving everyone the choice of civil partnership or marriage is progress, but true equality won’t be achieved without giving more rights to cohabitants – both gay and heterosexual
Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan have just won the right to have a civil partnership.The landmark case on Wednesday could put pressure on ministers to change the law. Justices ruled the ban on different sex couples entering into civil partnership was “incompatible” with human rights laws.
A court has ruled banning straight couples from civil partnership is discrimination.
'The Government is in a position to complete the circle of equality.'