03/11/2014 08:56 GMT | Updated 03/11/2014 09:59 GMT

Three-Year-Old Girl Catches 'Tigger' Having Sex In Public Toilet In Dawlish

A little girl's innocence was irrecoverably damaged after she witnessed a man wearing a Tigger suit having "full blown sex" in a public toilet.

Not only that but the costumed copulating couple in question reportedly slammed the door on the three-year-old resulting in bruising to her fingers.

Her grandmother wrote on the Facebook page of Dawlish Neighbourhood Police: "Yesterday evening my daughter took her young child to the toilets on Barton Hill and there was a couple in the baby changing room having full blown sex.

"They slammed the door in my granddaughter face and caught her hand in the door resulting in bruising to her fingers.

"They were about 30ish the man had a Tigger outfit on the woman was undressed, not very nice 3 yr child hope, no other parent has witness this disgusting behaviour and slammed a door on her hand."

The rather disturbing incident comes less than a week after another tiger costume sex story.

Andrew Holland, 51, has his life ruined after he was charged for possessing a video of a woman having sex with a tiger - that turned out to actually be a man in fancy dress.

He was charged with possession of the video that a friend sent him unsolicited as a joke after the crucial distinction between a real and pretend tiger eluded police and prosecutors.

While facing trial, Holland suffered a heart attack, had to leave his hometown of Wrexham in North Wales because of harassment from vigilantes and was prevented from seeing his daughter for a year,