Taylor Swift Leaves Spotify, Spotify Posts 'Breakup' Blog

Taylor Swift Just Broke Spotify's Heart

Taylor Swift has -- completely unannounced -- pulled her entire back catalogue from Spotify, including her newest album '1989'.

In response Spotify has posted what can only be described as an adorable breakup blog post begging her to come back to the subscription-based streaming service.

In the post Spotify points out the frankly astronomical numbers that Taylor's songs have managed to accrue including the fact that 16 million people played her music in the last 30 days, or that she's featured in over 19 million playlists.

The team then point out that they 'hope she'll change her mind' and that there's 'more than 40 million of us who want you to stay',

Of course no true breakup blog would be complete with a couple of mixtapes and lo and behold Spotify has two, entitled 'Come back, Taylor!' and 'What to play while Taylor's away'.

Nice work Spotify. Taylor, the ball's in your court.


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