03/11/2014 08:35 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Zandra Rhodes On Style, Pink Hair And Kate Middleton

Fashion and textile designer Dame Zandra Rhodes is as fabulous as her hair is pink. She's been setting trends since the 1970s and still gets asked about the original costumes she made for Freddie Mercury.

We met with the British icon - famed her kooky, edgy, punk style - to talk style, make up and dressing the Duchess of Cambridge.


Here's what we learned from our evening with Zandra, and yes we could have talked dressing royals and celebrities all night.

1. What's your advice on following trends?
Know your body shape. Confidence with trends and individual style will come with looking at yourself wearing them and getting it right. You have to feel good - for example, I wouldn't be seen dead in a sleeveless dress.

When designing a collection, I always ask myself "would I wear this?"

2. How can you tell what trends will date and what will last?
There's no way of really knowing. You just have to go with what suits you and what looks good. If it reflects your personality and you are confident wearing it, then do it. Pink is always in for me. You also have to see people stealing your style as a compliment (even if it's annoying!)

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3. What's your fashion/beauty rule?
I never go out without make up on, ever. In fact, I sleep in it. I don't feel myself without it, it's like an armour. Once you're make up is done you can then dress the rest of your look. I always wear big, theatrical jewellery too.

4. You've designed for some amazing people - who would you love to dress next?
Dolly Parton. And Kate Middleton, obviously. You have to dress people according to what they know and what already works for them. So for Kate it would be something conservative. It's wonderful that she wears pieces from the high street, but I suspect they have all been heavily altered.

5. How often do you have your hair done?
You can't dye grey hair, so I get it bleached every six weeks.

6. What should every woman have in her Autumn/Winter wardrobe?
Good boots! Rather than shop new things every season I customise items I already have or play around with wearing something a different way to get a different look.