British Museum Will Let You Print 3D Copies Of Its Best Artefacts

You Can Now Print Your Own British Museum

The British Museum has opened a digital shop - but they're not just selling rubbers and pencils.

In fact, they're not selling anything: the museum has launched is a pretty spectacular new way to own versions of some of the best and most iconic objects in their collection, for free.

As long as you have a 3D printer.

The Sketchfab store allows you to go online and download free digital reproductions of artefacts like the colossal marble bust of Zeus and the head of Amenemhat III.

You can also play with 3D models of the 14 artefacts on offer, and even embed them on websites.

If you really like the models, you can hook up your 3D printer and make your own plastic copies.

Check it out at Sketchfab - or, you know, just go to the actual museum. Which is also free.


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