British Museum

The governor of Easter Island has tearfully begged the British museum to return one of their iconic statues to their island. The Hoa Hakananai’a currently sits at the entrance to the free gallery in the museum but is considered one of the most important spiritual icons to the Rapa Nui culture. The island is part of Chile but it is one of most remote places on earth, over 3500 km from South America.
It’s become clear privatisation doesn’t work for the British people
If anything, we should be holding the British Museum to a higher standard than other institutions on cultural sensitivity. It is, after all, meant to be an institution promoting learning and an awareness of cultural heritage.
A hoard of gold coins has been found hidden away in an upright piano in Shropshire. The cache is believed to date from pre
In July, the British Museum controversially decided to renew its sponsorship deal with BP for a further five years, a decision that will keep the branding of big oil splashed onto the museum's walls while around the world, the impacts of climate change intensify.
We should not accept corporate sponsorship or privatisation in the arts as a given, and be short-changed on the values that should be at the heart of our art-making. Starting today, it's time we made these museums and galleries properly accountable to the public, and not to BP.
By waving BP through their doors for another five years, the British Museum and its famous cultural neighbours - the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Opera House - have shown a remarkable lack of judgement.
Mozambique experienced a lot of unrest. Millions of guns and weapons entered the country and therefore the TAE project was set up to eliminate the threat of those hidden and missing weapons.
Were it not for Lord Elgin's removal of the sculptures, they would have remained at the mercy of looters and military commanders. Would they even have survived beyond the 19th Century?