05/11/2014 11:20 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Guardian Angel 'Ghost' Photographed At Dying Grandfather's Bedside


A grandson photographed the 'ghost' of a guardian angel as his dying grandfather was being read the last rites in hospital.

The apparition of the veiled woman appeared at the bedside of Bob Large, 76, who had been given just days to live.

Astonishingly, soon afterwards, Bob's health started to improve and he has left now left hospital.

Bob had been told by doctors at Chester Hospital that his bladder cancer and kidney failure was terminal and a vicar was called to read him the last rites.

During a hospital visit, his grandson, Chris Leadbetter, took what he thought would be a last picture of his granddad on his mobile phone – and captured the spooky image of the 'guardian angel' watching over Bob.

Chris showed the image to hospital staff, but they merely shrugged it off, saying: "Oh, her. Lots of patients see her at the end of their beds."

Chris, 20, said: "When I saw it the hairs just stood up on me. I was so freaked out. I saw the picture late at night so I went and woke the rest of my family up straight away.

"Everyone in the family was shocked. They couldn't believe it.

"My grandad is still alive now and has actually been released from hospital, despite what the doctors said. He finds the picture quite comforting. He thinks that someone is looking over him."

Chris went to visit Bob at the Countess Of Chester Hospital - built on the site of a Victorian lunatic asylum - thinking it would be his final chance to see him.

He said: "I took the picture the day before I went on holiday because we were told to expect the worst.

"I didn't notice anything until about a week ago when I needed to go through my phone and delete some pictures.

"The strange thing is there is nothing between my granddad, who is sat on the corner of the bed, and the women in the picture - no glass, or windows or anything.

"A few people suggested it looked like a reflection but there is literally nothing for it to reflect off. "

Chris said: "My gran told the ward manager she needed to speak to him about something and the second she said she had a picture of a ghost he described it perfectly.

"He says it's not the first time the ghost had been seen. One patient was screaming in the night because it was at the end of her bed."

Staff at the 1829 hospital building, which was formerly known as the County Lunatic Asylum, Cheshire, have reported a number of mysterious figures.

Many patients died at the former asylum, where they were chained up and restrained in straitjackets while others were tied to their beds with belts.

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