05/11/2014 05:39 GMT | Updated 05/11/2014 05:59 GMT

We Share The Little Things That Stress Us Out On National Stress Awareness Day

With today being National Stress Awareness Day, it seemed only right to share the little things in our lives that prompt plumes of chimney smoke from our ears.

Life's Daily Stresses

On a more serious note, stress affects nearly 12 million people in the UK. With 13.3 million working days being lost per year due to stress, depression and anxiety according to the Mental Health Foundation.

There are many factors which cause stress, for example: work, finances, relationships, children and family problems.

Major life events and changes such as divorce, unemployment, moving house and bereavement can also make you feel up tight and stressed out.


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Thankfully for all of us, there are a few simple ways in which you can combat stress. These include:

:: Learn to relax - try to relax your muscles and calm yourself down by slow, deep breathing.

:: Identify the causes - sort the possible reasons for your stress into those with a practical solution.

:: Make lifestyle changes - adopt a healthy diet, cut down on smoking and drinking, exercise more, switch off and engage in activities which you enjoy.

:: Speak to your GP.

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