"Once we got rolling, it became intoxicating. After we finished a room, I would gaze at the pile of junk and shake my head. Why hadn’t we done this years before?"
Burnout takes anywhere from three months to a year to recover from.
“The first thing is try to recognise what are the sources of stress in your life and are there ways that you can limit those sources of stress?”
It can happen to anyone in any career. Therapists explain what to do if these signs sound familiar.
"I woke up daily, teeth clenched like an animal unwilling to let go of its prey. But the prey was me."
"It got so pronounced during this time that I didn’t want to risk standing up to deliver my funeral reading without a period pad securely in place."
Setting boundaries with your parents can improve your relationship. Therapists share practical advice for how to have these conversations.
“'Are you under any significant stress?' one of the cardiologists asked me during rounds the next morning. I stared at him blankly."
Take notes from elite tennis stars like Frances Tiafoe: There's a way to stress-proof yourself against performance anxiety.