05/11/2014 10:44 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Joys Of Autumn Term: Moments Like This

Joys of autumn? Hah. Too busy.

We're fast approaching Harvest Festival - yet another date in the school calendar that requires me to do something above and beyond getting the children into uniform and out of the front door.

It seems that just as I've happily recovered from the chaos of the summer holiday (and removed all traces of sandpit from the house) and am quietly enjoying letting school take the strain for a bit, letters start pouring home about events that need Parental Input.

First challenge of the autumn term is that I've got to do something creative with vegetables in a basket. Then it's pumpkin time and – oh joy – the domestic pressure of making soup because what else can you do with the innards once its been carved?

And before I know it Trick or Treating is upon us and the challenge of trying to wrestle overtired, sugar-fuelled children into bed and remove acres of facepaint. Then, don't sit down, because it's Bonfire Night and more pleas from the PTA.. 'Would you mind, terribly, being in charge of the hot dog rolls? I know you requested the mulled wine stall but that slot does get booked up weeks in advance...'

Then it's the Christmas Fair - always a complete bun fight, always pouring with rain and always guaranteed to make me feel about as festive as Scrooge. But a fantastic opportunity to see the movers and shakers of the PTA in proper action. (Note to new mothers: If you're put in charge of making digestive biscuits look festive they're not taking you seriously enough. Your goal is to be one of Santa's elves. These are the mums who are going places..)

It's no wonder that by the time the Nativity comes round I'm an over emotional wreck. Yes, I'll be in the audience weeping. But they will be tears shed of relief that the autumn term is almost over. (And not, I promise, because my son is a donkey – again...)

Do you find this term the most tricky?